Vision & Mission

The Thirak India Cultural Society was formally set up in 2007, with the primary objective of establishing, reviving and strengthening performing arts in Rajasthan, India.

A. Promotion, development and dissemination of all forms of Vocal Music, Instrumental Music & Dance of all genres (Folk, Classical and Contemporary) from regional to international level.

B. Preservation & dissemination of all the areas of authentic form of Music (Vocals, Instrumental & Dance) and to generate funds to meet the objectives of the Society.

C. To honour artistes working in all areas of music, to provide financial assistance and stage to the artistes, to help them in need and to create programs and collaborate with other organizers.

D. Establishment of Institutes and to reach & aware masses about music (Vocals, Instrumental & Dance) of all genres by conducting workshops, seminars, lectures, demonstration, training and teaching.

E. To organize cultural festivals and contests, for development of all genres of the music (Vocals, Instrumental & Dance) and create awareness, interest in all the classes of society - children, teens, youth and adults.

F. Production, duplication, compilation, printing, typing, publishing and distribution of all articles, literature, and audio-scenes material related to music (Vocals, Instrumental & Dance) of all the genres and creating a library for the collection of objects related to the same.

G. To provide stage, awards, scholarships to the artistes of youth category, student category, the disabled category and women category. Promotion to those artistes who are unable to reach to stage, by organizing their performances.

H. To accept donation, grants, gifts, movable and immovable property from any other person or member of society to fulfil the aims of Society, to acquire land and purchase building in the name of Society.

I. Conservation of cultural heritage through all genres of music (Vocals, Instrumental & Dance) through cultural exchanges in ceremonies, festivals and special events. Maintenance and management of the Society by all means.

J. Develop, promote, expose and disseminate unaffected and obsolete music (Vocals, Instrumental & Dance) of all genres through research, by producing stories & films, and providing incentives and grants to related artistes.

K. Mutual cooperation with other committees for similar purposes and to meet the objectives of the Society. To work and to be partner to meet the objectives of Society by social, economic, cultural, educational, technical and other means.

L. To organize charity events for the personalities involved in the music industry (Vocals, Instrumental & Dance) of all genres and, the money collected to be used appropriately as per the purpose of society.

M. Unite committees at rural, urban and district level for music fans and artists (Vocals, Instrumental & Dance) and offer responsibilities to them.

N. Engage, employ or rent staff members, artists, managers and agents and pay their wages, salaries, and fees to accelerate the objectives of the Society.

O. All activities of the Society will be non- profit and will work on the basis of no profit no loss. Institution's overall income, earnings, movable, immovable properties shall be used in the promotion of the goals and objectives of Society as per the given Memorandum and shall not transfer any profit of the society to the single or more present members/ single or more former members /any person seeking control through direct gain/ indirect gain /bonus dividend/ paid in any way. There will be no personal claim on any movable/immovable property of the society by any member of the Society; he/she will not earn any benefits of membership.